Published Work

“Runaway Rosie”

This publication was a lark with great timing!

I was taking a writing course with the Institute of Children’s Literature and this short story was my second assignment. My professor asked me to hold it back for later submission. I believed in the story and I couldn’t wait. I researched the Writer’s Market and submitted only to Click Children’s Magazine. They happened to be working on an issue about unusual pets and accepted my story. They asked me to add the fact inserts and that was all. They provided the illustrator, who did an outstanding job.

The best part….. they paid me $300 for my work! It was so validating.

“Runaway Rosie” turned out to be a two-fer. Later, I received a request from the Institute of Children’s Literature requesting to include my story in their updated teaching manual. That made me feel good! It only paid $25, but I was honored.

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