About Me

Welcome to my blog! I am a small town girl from the Midwest. I have a son, two granddaughters, a loving and supportive partner and a red toy poodle named Sampson. My professional background is in Finance and Crisis Intervention/Social Services. I also love documentaries, music, reading and the Green Bay Packers.

Writing has always been my best healing power, my talent. I have written some fiction, but I prefer non-fiction and poetry. I find that I express myself best through poetry. Many believe it’s just rhyming words, but I find the layers of poetry to be endless. I write free-verse, utilizing alliteration, slant rhymes, consonance and assonance.

I plan to blog about writing and everything related and to share some of my work not marked for other projects. My work in progress is the first of four poetry collections. It is planned to be a non-fictional prose and poetry book. Anyway, join me on my journey!


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